Consultations and Seminars

Kardia Group regularly consults with academic units across a range of natural science, engineering, social science, humanities, and medical fields to address departmental communication and transparency, departmental climate, mentoring, faculty conflicts, strategic planning, adapting to disciplinary transformations, departmental cohesion, curricular change, and more. Consultations may be motivated by formal processes (such as the need for a strategic planning document), times of crisis or conflict, a low level frustration that the department is not operating at the level that it could, or a desire to change, grow, or become more successful at accomplishing intended goals.

Seminars, Programs and Retreats
Kardia Group has more than three decades of experience designing and implementing short-term seminars and in-depth training events, including faculty retreats and other customized programs. Our key programs include:

The Faculty Transition Program - a customizable seminar series for key transitions in the faculty career lifespan
Diversity and Inclusion as Educational Excellence - a seminar for faculty and staff engaged with understanding and actualizing the educational intent and capacities of diversity
Faculty as Leaders of Change - training programs for faculty teams seeking to make change in their departments, divisions, schools, colleges, universities and/or disciplines

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