Leadership and Change in Academia

The Kardia Group specializes in consulting, coaching, assessment, training, meeting facilitation, and organizational development in academia.

Offering a comprehensive suite of services for the academic environment - developed through close association with academic institutions to meet the needs of faculty, staff, administrators, and institutions - the Kardia Group provides services not readily available within a typical academic environment.

Coaching and Individual Assessments
Facilitating the growth of leadership, effectiveness, and satisfaction through just-in-time resources to address the challenges, projects, tasks, and situations that faculty, staff, and academic administrators face on a daily basis.

Consulting and Organizational Assessments
Resources for assessing and developing departments, disciplinary subgroups, teams, projects, policies, and institutions, including strategic retreats and other organizational intervention strategies.

Seminars and presentations
Topics focused on the development of skills and strategies necessary for success in the academic environment.

The Kardia Group provides a wide variety of resources to create the best-fit solution for the needs of individuals, departments/units, and institutions, including:

In-Depth coaching – 8 sessions (or more) focused on individual development and organizational impact
Brief coaching – 1-2 sessions focused on skills assessment or situational intervention
Team coaching – working with a team to improve working relationships and effective achievement of collective or interdependent goals
Group coaching – coaching in a group setting (to reduce costs and increase peer support and networks)
360 Assessments - interview-based performance and development assessment process
Interviews – data gathering to inform current concerns, organizational needs or capacity, or strategic planning
Retreats – half-day to multi-day retreats to accomplish collective or organizational goals
Facilitation – meeting leadership to promote productive interaction
Seminars and Training – best practice and interpretative frameworks to improve the academy
Mediation and Intervention – services designed to address entrenched conflict or blocked communication
Survey creation & analysis – use of data collection to impact understanding, communication, and problem-solving
Organizational analysis – an assessment of the structural dynamics, effectiveness of existing infrastructure, and capacity for change
Research, analysis and writing – written syntheses of complex situations designed to promote understanding and action

For academic departments
Disciplinary tensions, peer evaluation, and other factors unique to academia foster complex conflicts and tensions - overlaid on the usual communication issues, identity conflicts, power imbalances, discrimination, competing priorities...
For chairs, deans, provosts, senior staff, and executive officers
Leadership in academia requires knowledge and awareness of the intrinsic logic of academic institutions. Faculty administrators receive little preparation for the organizational realities of the role, while senior staff may be unprepared for the cultural norms that make academia unique... 
Diversity consultations and Climate assessments
Difference is the source of a richness of ideas, new directions, and continual expansion - much that underlies the academic endeavor. However, distrust, misperceptions, and conflicts related to difference too often impair productivity, decrease satisfaction, and undermine cohesiveness...
Web-based resources
The Kardia Group website is designed to be a repository of resources for participants in the academic endeavor. Case studies, descriptions of academic culture, planning documents, and other resources serve to foster a more strategic, aware, and prepared level of participation in the day-to-day life of colleges and universities.